Integrating Conventional Medicine with Holistic Therapies


LASER stands for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation.

LIGHT effects on the tissues:


     -stimulates healing




     -relieves pain and inflammation


     -causes tissue to repair itself

The DOSE (ENERGY DENSITY) is the most important factor to take into account. Low Level Laser means a small amount of energy density (around 2 to 8 Joules per cm2) which is the level of light with beneficial bio-stimulating effects, versus High Level Laser (say 50 or 100 Joules per cm2) which has been proben to cause detrimental effects on the tissues.

TIME and REPETITION of treatments is another variable with interesting results in the studies. The effects of the light on the cells are accumulative and a period of time between treatments is necessary as well. It has been demonstrated for example that daily treatments for up to a week produce increasing benefits, whereas continuation of daily treatments for two weeks leads to a point when the benefits achieved on the first seven days are reversed and could even get to the point of causing damaging effects.

POWER, FREQUENCY and DIAMETER OF THE LENS or LENSES will deliver different Energy Densities at different Tissue Surfaces and Depths.

Every CONDITION presents on an INDIVIDUAL WAY on EACH individual PATIENT (in addition to the species, breed, sex, age, skin tone, joint or tissue affected and other fixed variables) and this individual presentation changes in response to the different effects induced by Biomodulation with every Laser Treatment. Therefore every patient requires an individual assessment prior to every session.

On those grounds we consider the practice of pre-booking blocks of sessions with powerful laser machines using pre-determined settings not an adequate one. Not to mention the fact that this type of practice increases the risks of blockage due to overstimulation as well as burns.

We use three different laser machines with at least three different probes each, from large multi-cluster ones for larger areas to thin dental type ones for treating small areas of difficult access. Continuous Wave and Pulsed type of Lasers. Potencies varying from 10 milliwatts to 40 watts. Frequencies from 10Hz to 48,000Hz. Wave Lengths from 640nm to 950nm. The choice of laser device, probes and settings will be determined by the patient examination every time.


The list of conditions treatable with Laser is long and will include all of those mentioned in the Acupuncture section. In fact we frequently combine both types of Therapy.

To mention just a few:


      -Muscle, Tendon and Ligament Injuries.


      -Sprains and Strains


      -Degenerative Disc Disease and Progressive and Acute Paralysis.


      -Wound Healing, including large ulcerated and infected areas, burns and developing  injuries.


      -Pain Management and Inflammation. Chronic and Acute.


      -Head Trauma.

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