Integrating Conventional Medicine with Holistic Therapies


Traditional Chinese Medicine: Acupuncture is part of the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) that has been successfully used for thousands of years. It seeks to harmoniously balance the flow of energy through the body. Disease according to TCM is the result of blockages of the circulation of energy. Acupuncture addresses these blockages by stimulating carefully selected points on any of the body's energy meridians.

Western view on Acupuncture:  Stimulating the skin, nerves and myofascia at certain points stimulates the nerves supplying that area. This induces biochemical and nervous changes in the spinal cord controlling that area, be it the musculoskeletal system or the internal organs, which brings about changes in the neurotransmitter environment at that segment of the cord, modifying the pain pathways and releasing Endorphins.

The treatment involves the use of ultra fine single use solid needles or the stimulation of the points with the laser beam depending on the patient.

Acupuncture sessions last about 30 minutes and the needles remain in place for 10-20 of these, again it will depend on species and individual patient.

Animals often feel very relaxed and sedated and many times will fall asleep during the treatment.


-Acupuncture alone or in conjunction with Homeopathy and/or Conventional treatment -

(Please note that a diagnosis will always be pursued before the establishment of a treatment)


     •     Neck, back, hip, stifle or elbow pain (e.g. arthritis, rheumatism or ‘just getting old’)

     •     Back problems/pain (e.g. spondylitis/spondylosis & disc disease (degenerative and inflammatory conditions of the spine.)

     •     Hip Dysplasia.

     •     Muscle & Ligament sprains/strains and spasms.

     •     Paralysis/Paresis

     •     Lameness of unknown origin

     •     Rehabilitation from surgery, esp. Orthopaedic surgery

     •     Epilepsy

     •     Incontinence in bitches

     •     Chronic gastrointestinal disease

     •     Lick granulomas and other chronic skin conditions

     •     Stress related disorders

     •     Chronic Renal Failure


     •     Neck, back, hip, stifle or elbow pain e.g. arthritis/rheumatism

     •     ‘Just getting old’ (when cats get old they move less, that could be a sign with OA even if not limping)

     •     Lameness of unknown origin

     •     Any chronic (long-standing) musculoskeletal problem

     •     Rehabilitation form surgery, esp. Orthopaedic surgery

     •     Chronic gastrointestinal disease

     •     Chronic respiratory conditions / Asthma

     •     Epilepsy

     •     Incontinence

     •     Stress related disorders (over-grooming, inappropriate urination, etc)

     •     Chronic Renal Failure


     •     Stiffness in neck, back or legs

     •     Tendonitis, sesamoiditis,  laminitis and navicular disease

     •     Paralysis, muscle spasm

     •     Tendon injuries

     •     Lameness of unknown origin

     •     Sinusitis - Nasal Discharge

     •     Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

     •     Post viral fatigue

     •     Stimulate wound healing

     •     Behavioural problems

     •     Chronic gastrointestinal disease

     •     Infertility


Rabbits and rodents respond well to Acupuncture,

needling times are usually shorter than those for larger pets due to higher metabolic rate.

The conditions it can help with are similar to the ones listed for dogs and cats, i.e.:

     •       Acute and chronic musculoskeletal problems

     •       Lameness of unknown origin

     •     Chronic skin conditions

     •     Chronic respiratory  disease

     •     Chronic gastrointestinal disorders


Pet birds in China, especially songbirds, enjoy a high standard of care,

and receive a mixture of acupuncture and herbal medicine.

In the West, Acupuncture has been used to treat the avian patient for many years,

with considerable success. This is probably because the bird has a relatively

simple organ system and therefore responds rapidly.

Needling times are very short and most birds will lie quietly in the hand whilst being needled.

It is particularly useful in chronic conditions which are often recalcitrant to

normal Western medicine.

     •     Feather plucking

     •     Crop binding

     •     Egg binding

     •     Conjunctivitis

     •     Infertility

The treatment of all species above will generally involve dietary and environmental changes as well the therapies offered in a holistic approach to your pet health condition and welfare

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