Frequently Asked Questions Relating To Acupuncture

How long does a session take?

Integrated Veterinary Medicine consultations require sessions of at least half and hour, usually longer for the first consult, and Acupuncture/Laser treatments generally last 10 to 20 minutes of that time.

How many sessions will my pet need?

This depends on the nature of the condition and the length of time it has been present; the longer it has been going on for, the longer the treatment may take. For Acupuncture treatment of chronic conditions the initial course is usually 4 to 6 weekly sessions; these are later tapered down to your pet needs. For acute conditions one or two sessions is frequently sufficient.

Will he or she need sedation for acupuncture?

No. Most pets settle down calmly on the rug.

How much does it cost?

It varies depending on the species, the individual problem and the treatment necessary, ranging from £35 (for a rabbit) to £125 (for a horse) for the first consultation, plus additional travelling costs for visits. Please contact us for more information about pricing for your pet.

Is it covered by my pet insurance?

Yes. Fortunately the vast majority of policies cover complementary treatments, however do check the small print first. In fact, for many insurance companies Acupuncture, as it can only be performed by a qualified vet, fits within the rest of the veterinary treatments category and not within the complementary treatments one.

Will I need to inform my usual vet?

Yes. If you are not registered with us, we will be working alongside your regular vet in order to provide the best posible care for your pet and, before seeing your companion, we will need a full clinical history including any lab results, radiographs, ultrasound reports, etc, emailed to us. After the treatment we will send a report to the referring vet

How do I book the appointment?

          Call the Petersfield Centre on 01730 858160 for appointments at the clinic as well as home and stables visits. You need to inform your vet and we will request the Medical History from them after your booking.

Can pets take homeopathic remedies and acupuncture treatment along with their usual medications?

Generally yes -however this will vary with individual cases and you will be advised in each case.

You must not change or stop any medications for your pet without consulting your veterinary surgeon.

Are there any side effects from homeopathic remedies?

Generally no -however homeopathic remedies should only be given in consultation with a veterinary surgeon.

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