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                          LASER TREATMENT

We take referrals from other practices, Equine and Pets, for Acupuncture and Laser Therapy.

To see what conditions are treatable with these therapies, please follow the links to the corresponding pages in our web site.

We do not need a referral letter in the same way that is needed by therapists that are not veterinarians; you do not need to change vets either for us to treat your companions but, in order to provide the best care for your pet or horse, we will be working alongside your regular vet and we need your pet or horse's medical history including lab results, radiographs, etc sent before the consult.

Monday to Friday at our premises in Petersfield

Petersfield Centre for Integrated Veterinary Medicine   Garden Office, 22b High Street, Petersfield, Hampshire GU32 3JL

To book an appointment at the clinic, a home visit or a stable visit call 01730 858160

or email


1st consultation acupuncture/laser cat&dog £100

Follow up sessions acupuncture/laser cat&dog £66

Block of 4 sessions cat&dog £236

House visit surcharge: £26, plus mileage

1st consultation acupuncture/laser equine £125 plus mileage

Follow up sessions acupuncture/laser equine £92 plus mileage

Block of 4 sessions equine £330 plus mileage

Petersfield Centre For

Integrated Veterinary Medicine